About Us

    SomethingTUDU.com is the brain child of our founder Lance Worth. He got the idea for the website over three years ago. He began noticing in the year 2005 the amount of different event calendars all over the place; in publications, and on websites. He also noticed a lot of things to do, that were not even listed in or on any of those event calendars. All of the big attractions got all the press. He began toying with the idea of collecting all of that information together. Casually mentioning the idea of a website to his wife, Heather. All the while mapping out the website in his head. One day in 2006 he sat down and created a very detailed flow chart for the entire site. He filed that away and would go back to it and edit the pages as he thought and discovered things that would not work or a way to make something better. Then one day in the summer of 2007, he and his wife were on a trip to Las Vegas, and in their hotel room were three different thick magazines. All of them were showing all sorts of shows, events and exhibits in the city. That was the catalyst, he went home and made a decision to do it, no more planning, or procrastinating. He was going to make a prototype website to take to web designers to get quotes on building the site. He bought books on creating web pages, and searched other websites on how to write the HTML codes. He got his flow chart out of the filing cabinet. Originally he did think that he could actually make the website himself, but the programming became way too deep for him.

It took him about two weeks of solid reading and typing in the codes to get to where he could go no further. He got two quotes for construction of the website and began to gather information to start the business. Funding was the biggest hurdle which they had to overcome. He then made a list of absolutely everyone he knew that would be able to invest ,if they were even interested. Lance spent nearly another solid week writing, and typing a business plan. His wife, proofread each version. He discovered, that after explaining the idea, (an idea he had thought about for nearly two years, every night and day, while driving, while laying in bed) that hurdle was quickly overcome. They collected exactly twice the required amount to start.

Preparations were underway to create the actual website. Lance was spending nearly every waking moment gathering contact information for 10,000 businesses, organizations, companies, charities and any other place that might have events or SomethingTUDU.

Much of Lance's time was filled with negotiating an advertising campaign, writing letters, working on cross promotions, designing ads for print, radio, and television. Giving detailed feedback to the web designers, and keeping investors up to date. Also having brainstorming sessions with his wife. Heather proofread every piece of work and added many great additions to the thought process. All this time Lance and Heather both worked full-time jobs.

As the deadline grew nearer, one thing after another was finalized and fell into place, less and less was left to do. Meetings with the web designer became more frequent and much more detail oriented. "Change that shade of green to this shade of green, move this box over half an inch." As launch time grew near more meetings were scheduled; meetings with newspapers, television and radio stations, trying to get some free publicity. We mapped out our attack on the rest of the country. We met with the advertising personnel of theme parks and tourist attractions, finalizing details of possible cross promotions.

Our Goals:

What we hope to accomplish with this website is to combine every event calendar from all websites, businesses, newspapers, groups, organizations and more, onto one nationwide easy-to-use website. We aim to help people of all ages find things to do, that they may not have known about without our website. We also hope to boost the economy of America, increase revenue of local, smaller businesses, and lastly improve the health of Americans, by getting them off the couch and out of the house.