How are you going to market and advertise your site to make the public aware of your existance?

Our ad campaign begins on August 7th in San Diego. The publication; The Reader will feature a full page ad announcing to the public that they can find and list events on SomethingTUDU.com. Each week,  The Reader will feature a 1/4 page ad, with slight alterations. These alterations will depict other types of events educating both businesses and the public of different types of events that can be listed and found on our site. Aside from The Reader, we will run similar ads in other San Diego County based publications in the months of August and September.

A small fleet of 2008 Scions will feature full vehicle graphics, and be seen at every major event on a daily basis. You will see them around, keep your eyes open, they are very impressive.

Posters and flyers will be placed in coffee houses, libraries, community centers and other well traveled public locations. The placement of these advertisements will coincide with the ad campaign date of Auguest 7th.

A press packet is being mailed on Auguest 4th to 148 San Diego County based, publications, radio and television stations announcing the launch of our site. In the packet are samples of the ads, flyers, and letters that have been mailed out. Also, they will be offered 100 free listings to give away to their staff, use for their advertisers, or give to their readers and or listeners.

Radio commercials are completed and as soon as we have enough eventts compiled in our database to make that a suitable means of advertising, those will run on every Clear Channel radio station in San Diego County.

We will be expanding to all of Southern California in September, all of California in October, and the rest of the nation by the end of the year.

Why would we list our events on your website, when we have an event calendar on our own website?

When people are looking for something to do, they will never see your calendar of events if they do not already know about you and your website. There are hundreds of websites with event calendars. We want to link all of the event calendars together so that people will be able to search one website for something to do.
Why would we pay to list our events on your website, when our city has a website that will list them for free?
Again, when people are in one city and are coming to visit your city, how will they know where to find your listings? We are trying to become the one place to find things to do, both locally and nationwide. People will be able to use a familiar website, the same website they use in their hometown. Our website is both easy to use and fully searchable by such criteria as date and time! Try to find something to do on Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. using your cities website.
What if the details of my event change for an event I have already listed?
With each listing on SomethingTUDU.com you will get a confirmation number. That number will allow you to go in and edit or even delete the listing. This will allow you to add details to your listing, which will entice even more people to come to your event. You can also just change the date of your event without paying for a whole new listing.
Can I have a link from the event listing to my website?
Yes. When you are filling out the event details, one of the lines you can enter data into is the web address. This will allow you to give even more details about your company, business, or organization.
How do you choose your featured charity of the month?
Initially, we have chosen something close to our office in Oceanside, CA. As our name becomes more well known, we will reserve the option for $1,000 a month. The spot can be paid months in advance, so that an organization or a foundation can hold a specific month. Either a particular month or just the next available month can be paid for and reserved. However, no charity or group can be our featured charity twice within in a twelve month period.
How can our Charity become the featured charity of the month?
Simply contact us at info@SomethingTUDU.com We will let you know the next available month, or discuss options to adding your charity to our website.
How do you choose your featured city of the month?
Initially, we just used the city where we live Vista, CA. Then for the next month, we will be taking the city that has the most listings in our database. As we become more well known, we will reserve the option for $1,000 a month. The spot will be able to be paid for months in advance, so that a city can hold a specific month. Either a particular month or just the next available month can be paid for and reserved. However, no city can be our featured city twice within in a twelve month period.
How can our city become the featured city of the month?
Contact us at info@SomethingTUDU.com to reserve a particular month.
How do you choose your featured sport of the month?
Initially, we made a list of all the sports and just grouped them together. Field games in one month, games played on a diamond another month, all types of motor sports the following month. We were going to sell the option to be our featured sport of the month, however we ran into a snag. If we wanted a particular month to be football, we would want all types of football to be listed on the page, we would want to include events from peewee, high school and college games, to the organized leagues, like the NFL, flag football and Arena Football. But which one of these would pay for that? So we just stuck with the groupings we had put together.
How can our sport become the featured sport of the month?
If anyone wants to be our featured sport of the month, it is possible. However, just remember that it will include other types of the sport as well, not just your organization or league. This will still benefit you and the players. Don't forget, athletes that start in high school are the ones that go on to play in college, and where do the pros get their players? Colleges!
How do we advertise our business on your website?
If you have events or even just one event to promote, you simply register and pay $1 for them to be added to our database. It is quite simple. If you want to be our featured city, charity, or sport or you want to get a banner ad on our site promoting your SomethingTUDU oriented business, just send us an email at info@SomethingTUDU.com and we will get back to your promptly.

How do I get my banner ad on your website?
Banners on our website are a little different than on other websites. It is a little revolutionary, but it is quite simple in concept. When "finders" are looking for SomethingTUDU, they will put in key words to search our database. This will allow them to find an event dealing with an area that they are interested in. The key words will search both the titles and the details of the events, put in by the "listers". What we are offering, is that a key word will trigger a particular banner ad. An ad that will be beneficial to the "finders" An ad that will offer them something that perhaps they are actually interested in using or buying. This benefits the company whose ad comes up, because it will increase the actual "clicks" on their banners. Any word can be bought by a company that is SomethingTUDU based. Such as a travel agent, or a business that prints flyers for bands to promote their performances. Each key word can be reserved by three businesses. Banner "A" gets the left side of the screen of the event search results. This is 130 x 600 and costs $1000 per year. Banners "B" and "C" are 130 x 300 and they cost $500 for a year. Keep in mind that exact spelling is crucial, for instance if you reserve the key word "car show" and the "finder enters "car shows", your banner will not be triggered by that search. No one company can have more than five key words at any time.

If you have any questions that remain unanswered, feel free to email us at info@somethingtudu.com